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I really like this Gross Margin book  – you really hit on “back to basics” – which is just what LBM companies have to do in these challenging times.

When I started reading I thought you would reveal 26 great new ways to raise margin with some new easy, slick ways to raise GP– in fact you restated 26 ways that I was already aware of or have heard before (albeit a long time ago) – I think your timing with this book is just right – it reminds managers of these well proven methods have to be re-visited as there is no magic answers or quick fix to raising margin other than a conscious effort to constantly review and maintain.

I think all of my branch managers will benefit from reading this book – and with your permission will be referring to it during our next Keith Brown Manager scheduled in January (margin being one of the main topics).

 I would like to order 15 copies at your special discounted price of $25.95 each

Philip Cox

Vice President - Operations

Keith-Brown Bldg. Materials

Salem, OR

I loved your new 30 Ways book, Bill, and would like to order 10 more copies for my people.   I think you hit the nail right on the head with this book. 

Jack Clark

North Pacific

Portland, OR

I just finished reading Bill's 30 Ways book and found it interesting and beneficial.  Very common sense and easy read.

Brad Terrell

Boise Building Materials Dist.

Boise, Idaho

" Hammond Lumber Co. benefits from your prospective and advice found in your books, videos and newsletters."

Ramona Freeman

Training & Development Mgr

Hammond Lumber Co.

Belgrade, Maine

"I just finished your book...I was elated to find many of your recommendations were good answers to problems that I have not consistently solved.  Good book!  I bought copies for my staff."

Chris Landers


"Ship us another 55 copies of your book, Bill.  We want each of our associates to understand the ins and outs of gross margin."

Marine Lumber
Nantucket, Mass.


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